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Tuesday October 20, 2020 @08:00 AM

Free I Virtual Forum


Money Mindset Forum

October 20, 2020 @08:00 AM | Free I Virtual Forum

When people focus on their mindset, they can access more of their personal power, sense of control, and hope about their well being now and in the future.

Join the host Lenka Wallace, M.A., Founder & CEO of LinkUpWithLenka, Victoria Cooper with Centric Wealth and seven other speakers in a virtual forum where they talk about money and how to bring it in. They will discuss various topics including Investing, Real Estate, Taxes, Marketing, Entrepreneurship & more.

The Line Up

Victoria Cooper, with Centric
How Investing in Yourself First Will Pay You the Biggest Dividends

Starr Codd
How to Go From Zero to 6 Figures in less than a Year
Gloria McDonald
How to Reinvent Yourself for Success
Christie Ruffino
How to Monetize Your Story
Jennifer MacFarlane
How to Raise Your Vibration to Attract Money
Lisa Brumm
How Running a Small Business Could Mean Big Tax Deductions
Julie Tran Buorn
How to Stop Trading Time for Money & Set Yourself Free
Kristin Menath
How to Think Like a Real Estate Investor

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