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Personal Financial Planning Consultation in Cypress, TX
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No more relying on multiple professionals; our integrated approach coordinates all the services you need to boost your lifestyle,
manage your hard-earned money, and plan for your family's current and future needs. Remember you don't have to settle for less.
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Planning secures your goals. With our personalized approach and guidance, you can move away from uncertainty and start achieving the clarity and confidence you need to build, grow, and protect your wealth.

Financial Life

Plan Wisely, Experience Life Fully

The best way to understand where you are now and where you’ll be in the future is to develop a personalized financial life plan. The process begins by understanding who you are and what matters most in your life. We’ll begin with a detailed discovery discussion to help us tailor recommendations to your situation. We’ll examine where you are now, where you’d like to be, and what financial milestones you hope you achieve along the way.

Create A Personalized Plan

Strengthen Your Financial Future

Creating a financial plan is a daunting task. With our expertise, we make it a simple process with three steps:

Detailed Discussions

Detailed Discussions

Let's communicate! Share your needs, fears that are holding you back, and your dreams for the future, and our experts would be delighted to assist.

Customized Actions

Customized Actions

Oue experts will help set the course and implement a plan.

Ongoing Adjustments

Ongoing Adjustments

Change is the name of the game! We will adjust your plan as your life evolves.

Planning Unifies All Aspects of Your Life

Our program encompasses all parts of your financial life & ensures that everything is working in concert with each other to build, grow, and protect your wealth.
Personal Financial Planning Consultation in Cypress, TX

An image showing that personal financial planning consultation near Cypress, TX, matters in all life stages
An image showing that personal financial planning consultation near Cypress, TX, matters in all life stages
An image showing that personal financial planning consultation near Cypress, TX, matters in all life stages
Personal Financial Planning Consultation Near Cypress & Houston, TX
Lifestyle Planning
Retirement Planning
Legacy Planning

Planning for College

We help you explore your college preparation options. If you have young children, let Centric help provide for their future.

Starting a Business

To successfully start a business, you need a financial plan. It’s our job to show you how all the pieces of your plan fit together.

Buying a Home

Purchasing a home is a big step. We’ll help ensure your path toward homeownership is a positive step toward your dream home.

Traveling and Adventure

Achieve your travel goals with us. We help you keep on track with your savings and plan for future adventures.

Spending Time with Family

Spend quality time with the people who matter most without having to ask yourself, “Do I have enough, and will it last?”

Financial Independence

Retire with confidence. Being financially independent means you have the choices and freedom to do the things you love.

Preparing for Changes
in Health

Planning for changes in health is probably easier than you expect. Centric will help give you peace of mind knowing you’re secure no matter what.

Selling a Business

If you’re planning to sell your business in time for your retirement, we help you plan in advance to maximize sale value.

Providing for the Next Generation

Plan for the life you want you want your children to have. We learn about your situation to help you make the best financial decisions.

Creating a Charitable Legacy

A planned gift is a charitable donation to carry on your legacy. Your donor-advised fund will ensure ongoing support for the charities you care about.

Transferring Business to a Qualified Successor

We help you navigate the process of selling or transferring the legal ownership of your business to the new owner(s).


Managing Risk to Keep Your Financial Life on Track

A plan that is only successful if “everything goes right” is like a car without breaks. Our experts know that a plan is not sound without precautions taken, so we integrate strategies to minimize the financial damage of life’s uncertainties and unwelcomed events.

Risk Elements™
Live Life Without Fear

Live the life you’ve always imagined. Know and take action against the various Risk Elements, freeing yourself from the what-ifs in life.


The dependency on active employment to fund lifestyle plans and achieve objectives.


The negative effect of political decisions on your retirement, lifestyle and legacy plans.


The negative effect to your plans due to the increase in future tax rates.


The adverse effect on your plan due to reduction in the real value of an asset or loss of purchasing power over time.


The inability to convert assets quickly enough to cash to fund obligations on time.

Illness Injury Blue

The derailment of your plans due to major illness or injury.

Disability Blue

The negative effect to your lifestyle plan should you not be able to engage in meaningful work.

Long-Term care Blue

The negative effect to your lifestyle, retirement and legacy plans should you need ongoing assistance.

Death Blue

The negative financial impact of dying early.

Longevity Blue

The possibility that you will live longer than your retirement funds will last.

Market Blue

The misalignment of risk tolerance leading to harmful over exposure to stock market losses.

Concentration Blue

The over exposure in your portfolio to a particular stock/bond/sector.

Correlation Blue

The over exposure to assets that move too similarly to one another.

Sequence Blue

The danger that the timing of withdrawals from your investment account will harm your overall return.

Withdrawal Blue

Exceeding the recommended withdrawal amount from your investment portfolio to ensure it lasts.

Value Blue

Not receiving enough benefit relative to the costs associated with the financial product or service purchased.


Invest For Your Lifestyle, Retirement & Legacy

We believe that your investment strategy should be as unique as you are. Gone are the days of stereotyping investors with subjective semantics based on their age. At Centric, we act in your best interest and prove it quantitatively. Using a combination of the latest technology and our team of investment professionals, we continually evaluate and monitor your portfolio to ensure it’s aligned with you.


People are Individuals.


Risk 49


Risk 82


Risk 25

Our Asset Management Approach 


It all starts with a Risk Number, a measurable way to pinpoint how much risk you want, need, and already have. Then, your wealth advisor will optimally allocate our investments to help you reach your financial goals. Along the way, you will receive transparency of information, seamless proactive service and the trust and accountability you need to stay on track. All of this will lead to your personal comprehensive investment strategy that is...



Combining modern portfolio theory and behavioral economics



Executing actions based on observed market behaviors



Weighing expectations against valuations, volatility, and correlations to keep things on track

Quantify The Value of A Good Advisor?

Ready to take control of your finances and enjoy more of what matters in your life? Contact a Centric Wealth Advisor and experience the expertise for yourself.

Rebalancing Portfolio


Lowering Expense Ratios


Withdrawing The Right Investments


Asset Allocation


Behavioral Coaching


Total Added Value




Live Your Best Life

Individual Financial Planning Consultation in Cypress, TX
Our planning services will take you through a process that begins with your concerns and needs. We will listen first and recommend second. Once we have a plan in place, we will monitor & adjust so that as life happens, you stay on the right track.

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