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How Will My Family Remember Me – Forming a Lasting Legacy

Zac Majors

Posted on 08/11/2021

by Zac Majors

How Will My Family Remember Me – Forming a Lasting Legacy

As you get older, you’ll not only start thinking about what you will leave behind for your family, but also how they will remember you. Unfortunately, your personality won’t really be enough to ensure that people remember you or pass on your legacy for generations to come.

For that, you need a legacy plan that reflects who you are – in a memorable fashion. You would think that distributing your financial assets to your loved ones is all you need to do to create a legacy. However, money will only last so long, and property will start losing sentimental value over time.

It’s not enough to make a good legacy; you need to make one that lasts the test of time. For that, you could either leave behind a business – perhaps even a conglomerate – with your name on it, and one which will go down in history with you as the founder.

Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. But that’s not the end of it. When creating a legacy, it is important to remember that it is basically a short excerpt of you. A collection of memories, experiences, and achievements for those who love you and those who you love to remember you by.

Here are some tips on leaving something behind to answer your question; how will my family remember me?

A Time Capsule

Memorable legacy planning is not about the money you leave behind, but the hearts you touch. However, with time, even those who love you dearly can learn to live without you (which really is a good thing, if you think about it). The goal of your legacy should be to remind them of you.

Consider creating a time capsule for that; a ‘vault’ (be it digital or physical) to keep memories and keepsakes in. Put a timer, a notification system, and you’re done. It might not be a surprise, but it is sure to be a welcome throwback. Here are some ideas for what you can include in a time capsule:

Notes and letters
Newspapers you were in - or simply those that highlight important dates
A dried flower or plant to highlight a memory
A family secret, and more

Genealogy & Family History

The best way to make sure your family remembers you is to ensure your genealogy and lineage is tracked and updated. Keep your family tree alive by introducing a ‘tradition’ in the family where you all get together on a particular date or a birthday. This could be a picnic, a barbeque, or just a visit to the oldest member in the family. When making the tree, make sure it includes at least the following for every person:

Date of Birth
A highlight showcasing an achievement or personality.

The highlight is what is going to be a true throwback and bring stories, so get creative with it!

Favorite Charities

Most people don’t like to admit it, but almost everyone has a specific charity they give to, either consciously or subconsciously. Throughout your life, you donated to them and so, they are bound to mean a lot to you. And believe it or not, your family is bound to have noticed this.

Tell your children that just because you are gone, donations to this charity shouldn’t stop – even if they donate their time just one or two days a year. This will be a day dedicated to your memory for your children, and when they pass it on to theirs, your legacy will continue.

When wondering how your family will remember you and making a legacy plan, make sure you keep everything updated and stored securely. If your family is having trouble accessing what you had in store for them, your memory will be associated with that trouble; which nobody wants. If you want more tailored ideas to form a legacy that everyone will remember you by, we recommend you get in touch with our expert advisors and let them help you plan.

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