Politics, Pandemic,
and Empty Pockets!

Zac Majors

Posted on 08/16/2020

by Zac Majors

Politics, Pandemic,
and Empty Pockets!

Your lifestyle has been taken hostage by the 3 P’s. Politics have become so complicated that most of us just wish the government could get along. The pandemic came along and took our work, income, entertainment, many of our freedoms, and most importantly many of our loved ones and friends! Our pockets have suffered a tremendous set-back financially and we find them almost empty. Our very existence is under attack and we must ask ourselves a very important question. Are we ready to take control over our lifestyles or trust it to that which we cannot change? If your ready to say yes to gaining control, read on!

Step One: Advice

One of the greatest gifts that was given to every man, woman, and young adult was the gift or ability to receive advice. Teachers advise their students on how to prepare for exams. Pastors offer spiritual advice to walk through the full breadth of life. CPA’s advise both businesses and individuals on how much to pay the IRS. The area that challenges most people is in their everyday finances, and yet most people seek little to no advice about managing their finances. Your lifestyle depends on you seeking the best and most trusted advice you can find in relationship to the money you earn in your lifetime.

Step Two: A Pro-Active Approach

It is never too late to make a fresh start with your lifestyle and your money. Dave Ramsey, the author of The Total Money Makeover, is a wonderful success story to this statement. Dave filed for bankruptcy two different times in his life before turning his life and finances around after seeking sound financial advice. There are people everyday that have discovered the key to a sound financial lifestyle is having a great advisor, a solid financial plan, and a sound retirement strategy in place for the future. To accomplish this, there are three things that cannot make your plans change: politics, pandemics, and your empty pockets!

Step Three: Stick to the Plan

No matter what happens, you must stick to the budget and the plans you have made for your future. The government will always raise taxes, change political figures, and they are not responsible for your lifestyle, you are! Illness, disease, and death are inevitable and should not control your financial decisions. From time to time you will come across that car, gun, dress, or home that has your name on it. Money in your pocket is not for everything that is shiny and cool. It is imperative to stick to your financial plan. It is important to have funds set aside for those occasional wants so that when you achieve your goals, you can celebrate your successes along the way.

Discovering the Lifestyle You Really Want: The Wizard of Oz!

Dorothy, the Tin Man, and her friends found that the Wizard of Oz was just an ordinary man that had set out to scare people into living in fear of their lives. Friends, living your Best Life can be a reality when you discover that you are in control of your life! You only need to fear if you live with politics, pandemics, and empty pockets. Oh My!!!

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