Business Owners should
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Entrepreneurs are natural risk takers. It’s what makes them successful and entrepreneurs typically have much of their wealth tied up in their business. The concentration of capital can generate significant returns, but it can also expose you to a wide range of risks, no matter how skillfully managed your business is. We have found that the best ways to create wealth are not necessarily the same as those to preserve it.

Take liquidity for example. Entrepreneurs typically need more liquidity that the average investor and they often hold more cash than they need, even for an emergency. You may think that cash retains its value better than stocks, whose prices fluctuate daily on the market. But the value of cash doesn’t rise when equity markets fall, as highly rated bonds tend to do.

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We recommend that business owners hold three to five years’ worth of lifestyle expenditures in liquid assets.
Beyond this amount, entrepreneurs run the risk that their portfolio won’t contribute to achieving their financial goals.

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