Finding Hobbies During Retirement

Finding Hobbies During Retirement

Posted on 08/12/2020

by Finding Hobbies During Retirement

Finding Hobbies During Retirement

Retirement is something we all look forward to, but it is very seldom that we are actually prepared for it. Think about it. Your job has taken up the bulk of your time for the vast majority of your life. It has given you purpose, and it has kept you busy. Suddenly removing it from the equation can leave you a little lost. You might feel depressed, or you might just end up bored out of your mind.

The key to avoiding that problem is finding genuine hobbies that give you a feeling of accomplishment and pride, while also taking up some of your time.

We are going to go through a number of hobbies that can give you a real purpose after your job is finally over, and hopefully give you something to keep you busy when your days are longer and time isn't an issue.


Your job gave you a purpose. You woke up every day and knew that someone relied on you to get the job done properly. Volunteering is the best way to regain that sense of purpose and serve your fellow man. It is also a great way to keep your mind sharp due to all the different tasks you'll have to complete, and you will get the communication and company that you might lack in your later years when your children have moved out, and you are mostly on your own. If you are looking for something to do, volunteering can help you, and it can help your community.


You have spent the better part of your life locked up in an office or damaging your body at a labor job. Use your retirement to reconnect with the natural world. It is therapeutic, healthy for your body, and great for your mental state.

Your mind will benefit the most, actually. It is scientifically proven that just a simple walk has a more profound effect on your mental health than crossword puzzles and other alternatives that many seniors rely on.

Book Clubs

Reading is great for your cognitive health, but you will likely feel a bit lonely during your retirement, and being in good company can keep you healthy and emotionally stable. A book club pushes you to read and raises your cognitive functionality, and it also gives you an entire group of like-minded people to speak to regularly about topics you all enjoy.


Photography can serve two purposes. First, it is a relaxing hobby that can take you off the beaten path at any time, and it gives you something to truly delve into and keep your brain sharp. Also, it can function as a side gig if you need something to bring in a little extra spending money throughout your retirement.

You simply have to invest in a decent camera, take your time learning the skills necessary to use it properly, and find interesting subjects to capture. You might be able to sell those photos online, or you can start an eGallery and meet other photographers who love your work. It's all up to you.


You have an entire lifetime of experiences locked away in your brain, and there is one hobby that allows you to share those with the next generation, give your mind a workout, and feel a sense of accomplishment all at the same time: Writing.

Write a memoir or start a blog. Maybe jot down all those daydreams you had during your boring shifts and turn them into the next great novel. It's never too late to pick up writing as a hobby, and it is one of the most mentally freeing things you can do on your spare time.

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