Frank Bazan

President of Centric Capital

Hello, I’m Frank Bazan, the President of Centric Capital.  I joined the Centric family to create unique private real estate investment opportunities exclusive for Centric clients.  I have experience in real estate investments through out the San Antonio and Houston metropolitan areas.  I built an extensive network and relationships with developers, builders, realtors, real estate attorneys and created real estate syndications & special purpose joint venture projects for the past several years at my firm, NV Capital.  After meeting Zac and Oscar, I identified we had common beliefs on to how to run a successful investment firm. Those beliefs are putting the investor first, build relationships, offer transparency and mitigate risk for our clients. I am excited to continue these beliefs and investment strategies at Centric Capital.   We want to create opportunities, while protect what’s important to you.

I first developed a passion to understand real estate, securities and entrepreneurship from reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiwosaki in High school.  I then went on to read other books such as, “Think and Grow Rich”, “Mind of a Millionaire”, “Art of the Deal” and many more. I was eager to get started and dove into my financial career in the year 2001, being only 20 years old at the time. Now with over twenty years of experience with stocks, bonds, notes, real estate and other types of securities, I still have the passion in identifying investment opportunities for our clients.

I live in Katy, TX with my family.  We have been blessed with two children, Logan and Mila. 

Getting To Know Frank

In my free time, you can find me

In the backyard grilling some meats
and laughing it up,
watching my children
go nuts on the trampoline.

My favorite quote is

an investment in knowledge
pays the best interest
Ben Franklin

My favorite food is

a good ol' Texas size steak grilled medium rare with gooey mac n cheese and grilled asparagus!

My hidden talent is

Sandwiches. You have one bite of a specialty grilled sandwich I create, & you will never look at another the same. My family can vouch for me.

The best part of my career is

when a client turns into a friend.
To have that level of trust and relationship is priceless.



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Passion for

Real Estate