William B. Giffen

Client Development Manager

My name is William. I'm a Client Development Manager at Centric.  Previously, I taught at the high school level for nine years and bring this education experience to my clients.

I found Centric's comprehensive planning approach and fiduciary responsibility to be a great fit for what I was looking for once I left teaching.  Being a former educator, I saw the value that Centric was bringing to individuals and families.  Our education systems are not currently educating our citizens regarding daily living expenses, let alone financial planning and wealth accumulation.

My passion for wealth management came from my own experiences. At the age of 27 years old, I developed cancer and saw the costs associated with such an event, which can devastate a family and what they’re looking to achieve. When I was hired as a Junior High educator in Huntsville, Tx., My first living wage paying employment, I made all the mistakes a lot of people make.  I racked up credit card debt, because I could eat out whenever I wanted, bought a big screen tv, purchased a surround sound system.  I would just worry about paying it back later.  Pretty soon it all caught up to me along with the stress that comes with it.  I wouldn’t want others to have to experience what I did.

I have a passion to work with others to find their financial freedom, reach their goals and dreams, and maximize their lifestyle.

Getting To Know William

My favorite foods are

Tex-Mex and Italian.
Specifically, chicken enchiladas
verde and chicken
fettuccine alfredo.

Growing up

I participated in basketball
and soccer from a young
age through high school.

Prior to Centric,

I taught high school at College Park High school in The Woodlands, Texas.

The best part of my career

is helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

When I'm not working with clients,

I perform in two theatre productions a year.



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