Sebastian Casas

Associate Wealth Advisor

Hello, I’m Sebastian Casas, an Associate Wealth Advisor at Centric Advisors. My experience in finance started at a young age. Throughout college, I spent a lot of time and energy learning taxes and insurance with a local firm in Houston. That experience was a great introduction to financial services and ignited my passion for helping families through this capacity.  

I come from a family of business owners.  Throughout my upbringing, I was made acutely aware of the realities of money and saw how decisions and habits ultimately can affect our financial outcome. As a son of immigrant parents, I have seen the pendulum of the American dream firsthand, and it has always been my passion to guide others into financial freedom.

My goals and desires are to help others live their best life and help them navigate through life’s uncertainties.  I am a firm believer that generational wealth is attainable and that there is not time like the present to start this dream.

I am passionate about financial planning and investments. These reasons and more is why I chose Centric, a firm that shares the same values as I do and that can help make a difference for all of my clients.

Getting To Know Sebastian

I chose Centric because

from the initial connection
our passions, principles, and
values were very similar.
At Centric, clients are at the center
and integrity is the foundation
for everything we do.

My hidden talent

Playing the piano.
I am the worship director at my church, VCP.

In my free time, you can find me

participating at church or
spending time with my family.

Who inspires me

My family inspires me. Taking advantage of the sacrifices my parents made for me and
their desire to elevate our family
to another level is what helps me persevere.

Best piece of financial advice I have received

All you need is compound interest!



Certified Financial Planner™

Years of Experience


Passion for

Business Owners