Oscar R. Mondragon

Founder & President
Centric Wealth

My name is Oscar R. Mondragon, Founder of Centric and President of Centric Wealth. Financial success is something that alludes a lot of people. Most folks are under the impression that generational wealth is “beyond the rainbow” and is a goal that is unattainable. The road to financial success is filled with good intentions and high hopes. A lot of people do decide to take the first step and seek counsel and advice, and unfortunately the advice they get is full of empty promises. Instead of propelling forward, most families take a step back and fail to trust the “system” ever again.

Early on I had an epiphany – there is a huge gap in good, quality advice and was sick and tired of trying to fit square pegs in a round hole. Families needed advice they could count on, advice that was in their best interest, and advisor pool that truly cared. At my previous firm, I met Zac Majors. We realized that we had a lot of things in common, had very similar upbringings, and shared the same passion for helping people. Sick and tired of acting in the best interest of the firm we were working for, we set out on a journey and path to start our own firm and do things our way -- keeping our clients interest front and center.

Along the way I have helped families in different financial situations. I have helped people that are just starting their financial life to very wealthy, very established families. I am an expert in financial planning, insurance, and investment management. I am a “Five Star Wealth Management” award winner and have been featured in industry platforms for high performance and service.

I am a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and have a passion to work with entrepreneurs, executives and retirees. In my spare time you can find me at home with my family, at my kids’ sporting events, and volunteering at his church. I’m happily married and have 3 wonderful sons.  I’m a fan of all things Houston and am characterized by my Faith.

Getting To Know Oscar

I enjoy working with

Individuals who LOVE what they do. Nothing wakes me up faster than knowing that when I get to my office, I have colleagues and friends who have a FIRE in their belly and a passion for this line work. That energy pushes me to become better in everything I do.

I chose Centric because

I had a very real opportunity to impact the lives of many people. Centric gave me the ability to act in the best interest of my client and it opened the door to many advanced strategies that I now incorporate with my clients and with myself.

The best part of my career is

independence, impact and earning potential. Those three reasons is why I believe that the financial service industry is the best industry to work in.

The best piece of financial advice I have received is

Pay Yourself First. If you’ve never heard of the story “Richest Man in Babylon”, take some time today to look into it. Then call me.

In my free time, you can find me

Hanging out at my house - I love being a homebody. The firm is growing so fast, I spend a lot of time out-of-town. So, when I’m home and I have the ability to stay in and hang out with my family, I will. If I’m not home, you’ll catch me at my son’s soccer games.

I'm passionate about

Helping people. Sure, I make a good living, but the value that I get from seeing someone’s life LITERALLY transformed because of ME, that, is unmeasurable.

My favorite quote is

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. -Mark Twain

My favorite food is

Real Mexican food. Not the watered-down stuff I see around town, but the real stuff. Warning: watch for heartburn



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