Thelma Saravia

Operations Manager

Hi, I'm Thelma. As Operations Manager at Centric, I lead the back office continuously improving processes from technology and compliance to billing and everything in between. Prior to joining the team, I worked in Higher Education as a Financial Aid Advisor helping students and families from various economic and social backgrounds finance their college education. I fell in love with the service work of helping families navigate the - sometimes murky world of financial aid. After that I went on to work for an insurance carrier as an underwriter for a Property & Inland Marine division, where I helped protect businesses from property-related losses.  One of the most rewarding benefits in this line of work was knowing I was helping business owners in some of their most vulnerable times.

In my current role, I use my education in finance, experience from past career paths, and world-class work ethic to simplify operations, making it a hassle-free experience for the advisors, partners, and our clients.

While growing up my family and I faced their fair share of financial hurdles. It was in these moments of struggles that life taught the greatest lessons -- change is constant and adapting was the only way to move forward. I have made it a personal mission to bring consistency to life’s uncertainties. Professionally I approach my role at the firm with the same mentality of consistency and efficiency to benefit Centric’s advisors, partners, and clients. 

Outside of work I love spending time with my husband and two sons. I enjoy jump roping, dancing, and look forward to family gatherings filled with delicious food.

Getting To Know Thelma

What attracted me to Centric

was the opportunity to be a part
of the journey of empowering
people to gain control of their
finances and protect their
way of life.

My hidden talent

I'm a pretty good runner.
I'm constantly chasing the runner's high
and trying to beat my time.

My favorite quote

"You have power over your mind -- not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength." ~Marcus Aurelius

My favorite movie

is Rocky. It introduced us to the quintessential underdog - Eye of the tiger!

My favorite food

is a tie for my mother's chile rellenos & her tamales. They are not the easiest to make but sure taste the best!



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