Adam Collins

Senior Wealth Advisor

Howdy, I'm Adam Collins, a Senior Wealth Advisor with Centric Advisors. When I'm flying to my favorite vacation destination, I'm not usually thinking about the forces that act on the airplane. Lift, weight, drag, and thrust are constantly working for me and against me. Instead, I'm typically envisioning everything I hope the trip will be. I have a picture of what this perfect vacation will look like, and I hope that I've saved up and prepared myself and my family enough to enjoy it all.

This mindset is what defines my approach to your retirement planning. As you read the example above, you probably thought about what your perfect vacation spot looks like. The reality is, everyone has a different and unique idea of what that looks like. So why should everyone have the same plan? Just like the airplane, you have many factors in your life that impact you on your journey: risk tolerance, time horizon, personal ambitions, family dynamics, and individual priorities, just to name a few. With this as my jumping-off point, I work with local families to create a map to their desired destination that will include checkpoints along the way to help ensure that we remain on track. Just like with your GPS, we will keep vigilant on the global political and economic landscape and remain flexible along our path to respond to any turbulence we may encounter on the way. Your perfect picture is my top priority.

I hold my Bachelors Degree from Texas A&M University and completed my CFP education at Rice University. As a native Houstonian and local fiduciary, I have worked with families to develop and manage their financial plans for 14 years. A proud father of my 7-year-old son, I enjoy coaching his baseball teams and cheering for him on the soccer fields. I understand how important your family is to you because of how important my family is to me.

Getting To Know Adam

As a local fiduciary,

I'm committed to always putting
my clients' best interests first. Ethical and transparent financial advising is my top priority within our community.

I'm a proud Core Cadet
from A&M University

where I learned discipline, leadership, and a whole lot of Aggie Spirit!

Meet a Die-Hard Astros Fan

I bleed orange and blue for the Houston Astros, and my all-time favorite player? None other than the legendary Biggio! #GoStros

In my free time

I like to play softball and coach my son's baseball team. I cherish our times bonding over a shared interest in the sport!

Back in the day,

I was the alto sax master and even strutted my stuff as drum major in high school. These days, I dust off the ol' sax from time to time, but let's just say I'm not exactly hitting those high notes like I used to!



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