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Thania Perdomo

Client Services Associate

Hi, I’m Thania Perdomo, a Client Services Associate at Centric Advisor. I work directly with the financial advisors as well as the wealth management team assisting them with their daily needs.

I will be graduating from East Carolina University in December of 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics specializing in data analytics and a minor in Business Administration. I became intrigued with the financial aspect of investments. There are countless variables that come into play when measuring and managing investment portfolios and investments for clients. Economics is a constant changing equation due to the ups and downs of both the market and people’s emotions.  

I am currently living in the Houston area while completing my internship. I enjoy being around my family and friends in Texas. I will head back to North Carolina this fall to finish school.  

Getting To Know Thania

Favorite TV Show

Grey's Anatomy - Meredith Gray
is my favorite character.
She was set on her path and determined to do everything to make it happen!

In my free time

you can find me winding down
cuddling with my dogs,
spending time with my family,
or enjoying a nice dinner with friends.

My background

I was born and raised in the "City of Oaks" Raleigh, North Carolina.

What I love about Houston

It's one of the most diverse cities in America filled with lots of friendly people and Buc-ees. I am not a fan of the commute time - it's a traffic laced wonderland.

Favorite Food

I love sushi, poke bowls, and homemade Salvadorian Pupusas.



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